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Keep your family safe and itch free... Gallon size Mosquito Barrier
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All Natural - Environmentally Safe
The mosquito repellent we offer is America's only tick and mosquito repellent for
grassy areas; yards, parks, athletic fields and golf courses.
Being used right now by Government Agencies for parks, golf courses and school grounds BECAUSE IT WORKS!
It'll keep mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard and away from your home.

Our Mosquito Repellent has a three pronged attack:

(1) It kills the adult mosquitoes on contact.
(2) The garlic coated plants keep mosquitoes and ticks out of the area.
(3) It suffocates any mosquito larvae in standing water, such as puddles, under decks, water in tin cans or depressions in lawn, etc.

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How it Works:
Mosquito Fighter repellent is a concentrated garlic solution. When combined with water the formula can be spread with our sprayers to cover yards, gardens, campgrounds, etc. The juice does not harm humans, pets or plants, but to mosquitoes it can be deadly.
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